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Welcome to EduKitchens™


The key to student engagement is a good wholesome meal. Without proper nutrition, students won't be able to succeed where it matters most. We developed EduKitchens™ to help School Nutrition operators provide nutritious, good tasting, and wholesome meals to their students. All while reducing labor, controlling waste, and making service a snap. Whether frozen meals or shelf-stable meal kits, here at Edukitchens™ we provide you the tools to Fuel Your School. 

Welcome to Better


The landscape of learning has changed, and the way you feed your kids has changed dramatically. Challenges with labor, with purchasing, with meeting nutritional requirements. 

This is why we developed Edukitchens™. To offer your students a balanced, tasty, and nutritious meal produced in our state of the art USDA inspected facility. 

Safe, delicious, and at a controlled cost. welcome to better.

Why Frozen Meals?

We all know the challenges in running a modern School Nutrition program. From distance learning, to cuts in funding, to low participation, to labor challenges.


Food costs are on the rise. You're not sure how many kids to prepare for on a given day. Your cafeteria is difficult to plan for.  

This is where we come in.


We can deliver reimbursable meals made in our USDA inspected facilities that you can either heat in your ovens for on premise dining, or send home with the children frozen for distance learning. 

We make it easy to provide amazing food.


Minimal labor, no hassle, and no dishes to wash.


Either in our brand or in your agency's own label, Edukitchens™ is here to help. 


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